Channel managers allow properties to efficiently manage the different online distribution channels that their property sells through. They allow accomodation properties to give booking sites their up to date rates and inventory, using a pooled inventory model.

This means that no matter where a booking is made – be it direct on your website, through a third party booking site, or at your point of sale – inventory is always up to date and you are never overbooked.

Channel managers give small accommodation providers two main benefits:

    • Ability to sell the most rooms possible through as many channels at possible (without risk of overbooking).
    • Reduced admin by managing inventory and room rates from one central place (no need to log into the backend system of each booking site)

Apart from the above, there are also more benefits:

Accessibility & Flexibility

Operating an independent hotel requires a 24/7 commitment from dedicated managers.  Directing team members, monitoring finances and enhancing the guest experience keeps managers busy and on-the-go daily, so having the flexibility to access their hotel PMS from wherever the workday takes them is extremely important.

Time Savings

Saving time creates great opportunities for hoteliers to better serve their guests.  A robust hotel property management system allows managers to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks, like organizing paper files and logging in and out of multiple systems – reducing the time team members spend behind the front desk.  With a hotel PMS that automates functions, managers are able to streamline and simplify daily workflows so more time is left to build relationships with guests.

Cost Reductions

The time savings realized from a new hotel property management system can be significant, but the reduction in operational spending has the potential to be greater.  A cloud-based, fully integrated PMS positions hoteliers to work faster and smarter with less effort.