Further to our iHotel Cloud PMS, we are in position to connect any 3rd party Booking Engine with our customer’s website to boost online direct sales.

Here are the benefits of a booking engine:

    • The booking process is quicker with a booking engine. The traveler can search, select and complete the process including payment within minutes. The traveler also receives the booking confirmation instantly
    • The booking reservation software is available 24×7 so even if there are bookings coming at mid-night, the system will work flawlessly
    • The booking engine is a commission free tool that increases the chances of direct bookings. All the more, hotels can have a complete control over their pricing
    • A booking engine provides a strong platform for hotels to build their brand
    • The web booking engine is directly linked to the PMS system hence it doesn’t require any manual efforts from the staff. Since the system is automated, there is no possibility of overbookings or double bookings.
    • The booking engine helps free up the staff time so that your staff can work on other important hotel functions and dedicate more time for guest satisfaction.
    • The guest details are recorded during the booking which makes it easier for the hotel staff to further use it for marketing purposes.
    • Hotels can upsell add-ons or various services that differentiates them from other brands. This feature is not available with any third party sites.
    • The online payment feature reduces the manual workload and provides a comfortable and secure platform to the guests.


    You may choose the Booking engine of your choice, while you may use any of our ready templates with integrated Booking Engine to use.