iBus Web Application is a standalone software to be used by any company that that performs scheduled and non-scheduled buses routes (Bus Transports). Developed on cloud architecture it includes all features that facilitate the operators to run the daily job without delays and embeds a lot of useful features. 

iBus is a complete transportation management platform that includes:

    • Fleet Management features
    • Transportation Dispatch Features
    • Public Transportation Features
    • Ticketing Features
    • Tour Operating features

It therefore consists a full platform for public transportation companies, connecting them with the travel market! The platform therefore goes further than just fleet and transport management and enhances your potential.

The addition of buses as an alternative transportation is something that was always of interest to the thousands of travel agents around the globe as it gives them extra options and flexibility. They can therefore include bus transportation as a component of the travel packages they create and sell.

A. Modules

 ☑ Bus Management:

Administration of company’s fleet(fleet management)  . It includes a real-time application of tracking the geo-location of each vehicle on a route (Dispatcher)

 ☑ Bus Transports Front Desk:

Administration of routes, reservations and tickets issue for scheduled routes.

 ☑ Bus Transports Back Office:

Administration of all company’s functions, such as route planning, price lists, Customers, Supplier etc.

 ☑ Accounting:

Commercial administration with registers about ticket sales, ancillary revenue etc.

 ☑ Bus Transports MIS:

Reports and statistics

 ☑ Bus Transports Ratings / Surveys:

Evaluation of services

 ☑ Bus CRM (Customer Relationship Management ).

CRM application for managing all company’s relations

ΒOn Line/mobile applications

☑  Bus Passenger Mobile App:

Application for smartphones (mobile) to be used from passengers  with routes information and on line tickets reservations and purchase. The application is for both Android as well as iOS Apple.

☑ Bus Driver Mobile App:

Application for smartphones (mobile) for the bus driver that connects him with center and enables him to issue tickets on board the bus. The application is for both Android as well as iOS Apple

 ☑ Bus Transports Booking Engine:

Booking engine for use in company’s website (B2C website) and also as white label that can be used by third parties (e.g travel agents) on their own website to sell your tickets (B2B).

In all B2B implementations, you also have the ability to create dynamic packages that include bus tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals.

☑ Β2Β Bus Transports Booking Engine:

Standalone version of B2B application that gives access to all tourism professionals the ability to reserve and sell your tickets.

Bus GDS (Global Distribution System):

Ability to distribute your availability / prices to distribution channels via xml.